Selling A Home

It is crucial to understand what the buyer is thinking. It’s no secret that buyers prefer to buy a home with a REALTOR®. Why wouldn’t they? I organize showings for them, allow them to view homes without the owner present, provide information on actual current comparable sales, provide the opportunity to view many homes (not just one), prepare offers and organize and arrive for inspections, and more.

Most buyers shop by comparison, and choose based on the best value for their needs. Some buyers simply will not pursue a home if it can not be sold by a REALTOR®, as they are not comfortable with their inexperience in the transaction.

When I’ve completed the listing, I take digital photos of your home an place them on the website, respond to enquiries about your home in a timely way via phone or email, email the listing information to my buying clients whose needs it may suit, prepare a feature sheet, hold a REALTOR® inspection, utilize various advertising mediums, … be there for you when you sign the papers, and ensure all parties involved are notified accordingly.

You see, while you are busy with your life, the sale of your home is still in motion!

Click here for my home seller’s checklist.